Patient Testimonials

The testimonials below represent just a small sample of our patients, all of whom are consistently enjoying exceptional results from our treatment.

Dina Wislocker

This Doc saved my life after all the others told me I was dead in 6 months or less from triple negative breast cancer that was pretty advanced. Using a combination of conventional medicine, naturopathic medicine and high dose vitamin C, 9 years later I’m still alive! Unlike other clinics I’ve worked with where naturopathic is just a marketing gimmick to get us in the door, Chen really does work with the the ND for a complete and truly holistic approach to his patients care.

Dina Wislocker

Dr. Samuel Mahaffy

I am alive and thriving today after twelve years with very advanced prostate cancer. Dr. Chen is at the cutting edge of research and practice for the treatment of advanced cancers. Twelve years ago, (when) I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer and given less than a 4% chance to live more than two years.  I am alive today, in large part due to the extraordinary care I received from Dr. Chen and Dr. Gignac.  I am someone who likes to make decisions for myself.  The kind of cancer treatment I selected, was one of the most important decisions I would ever make.  After a great deal of research and seeking opinions from several cancer experts, I became a patient of Dr. Chen and Dr. Gignac.  Their integrative approach of metronomic (low dose) chemotherapy in combination with naturopathic medicine has kept me alive!  I am deeply impressed with Dr. Chen and Dr. Gignac.  They are continuously researching and investigating emerging and promising treatment modalities.  As a PhD researcher myself, that gives me a lot of confidence that they will explore every option on my behalf!  They present options, but allow me to make decisions for myself.  I see such patient empowerment as important to the healing process.  The greatest gift of Dr. Chen and Dr. Gignac is that they never give up on anyone.  I have watched patients with advanced cancers of many kinds, who have been given only weeks to live, come to their practice and receive a critically important message of hope.  Some of my close friends are patients of Dr. Chen and Dr. Gignac who are managing their disease after a Stage IV advanced cancer diagnosis.  I have known Dr. Chen and Dr. Gignac for more than a decade now.  I highly recommend their practice!

Dr. Samuel Mahaffy

Bickley Barich

I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic ovarian cancer and after three years of treatment with heavy chemotherapy. My Oncologist told me there was nothing more that he could offer to me. A friend referred me to Dr. Chen and I found that the integrative approach to cancer treatment he provided, like metronomic chemotherapy, proved to be more effective than my previous treatments and allowed me to continue working. I have had ten years of time with my husband, and my daughters, and my grand children that I am very grateful for. Dr Chen and his approach to cancer treatment has been the main reason that my cancer is under control today.

Bickley Barich

Randy Neatherlin

I was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer and was told that there was little that could be done…but they said I may want to get a second opinion. I realized that what they should have said was that should find a second option. After receiving treatment from Dr. Chen at Seattle Integrative Cancer Center for about three weeks, I was able to swallow with a drastic reduction in pain. As of today, I have been in remission for almost five years. I was told that this aggressive cancer would very likely come back. We have done numerous tests that have been looking for its return, but as of now I am still cancer free.

Randy Neatherlin

One year after being treated for prostate cancer I noticed a lump under my arm. A check up resulted in a diagnosis of mantle cell, non-hodgkin’s lymphoma, stage 4. The suggested treatment was a stem cell transplant. Knowing the physical and emotional stress that I had just gone through with the prostate cancer and a pulmonary embolism which happened two days after the cancer surgery, I rejected that course because I did not think I would survive the treatment. My wife and I began researching other options and the more meetings we went to, the worse the prognosis got. I was told that even if I got the stem cell transplant, this cancer would come back and gave me a 5 year life expectancy even if I had the transplant. I would rather spend quality time with my family rather than spend most of that time in the hospital. We decided to continue looking for a different option. That led us to Dr. Chen. He looked at cancer differently than others we spoke to and he explained metronomic dosing and building up the body’s own immune system, keeping me healthy and minimizing side effects with various supplements. From the moment we made the decision to follow Dr. Chen’s treatment I’ve been under the most incredible care from Dr. Chen and Dr. Gignac. Today I feel healthy, I’m mentally stable, I feel wonderful. If you are researching cancer treatments, please, make Dr. Chen and Seattle Integrative Cancer Center part of your research. They saved my life.

Bob & Lorena Suhayda

Inok Robertson

They (other doctor) told me that I had six months to possibly a year (to live)…and he told my husband to take her home and make her comfortable…and, ‘Take care of affairs’. That was 8 years (ago)…The first thing that I did was change my diet. I cut off all of the meat. I did juicing at home. I eat organic. If I eat a little meat, I buy 100% grass fed. I buy everything organic. That is the first thing I did, and I think that kind of helped me…and here (at Seattle Integrative Cancer Center) the doctors are just like family to me now.

Inok Robertson

After six months of a variety of abdominal symptoms, I learned that I had a tumor on the tail of the pancreas and had surgery to remove it in March of 2010.  After the surgery, the doctors discovered that the tumor was an aggressive form of pancreatic cancer and told me that I had 7 to 12 months to live. It took me about 3 months to overcome the shock of this diagnosis. The day before I was scheduled to start further treatment, I kept an appointment with Dr. Chen and after looking at my records, he told me that “we can do better” than the hospital prognosis. I needed someone to tell me that one, you’re not dead yet, and two, you’ve still got a reason to believe that you can live well. He said Seattle Integrative Cancer Center would work with me on that and bring to bear a whole range of interventions. I made an appointment with Dr. Chen for the next day and cancelled my other treatment appointment. I have been in remission for 6 years at this point and I credit Dr. Chen and his whole philosophy of treatment as to why I’m still here living a very active and productive life.

Ted Brackman

After experiencing an unusual degree of tiredness, I was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in February of 2016. A former customer of mine told me of his wife’s diagnosis with lymphoma in 2014, and that she was cured in 2015. When I asked him how, he referred me to Dr. Chen. After some further examinations, I started metronomic chemotherapy in March. Every four weeks, tumor marker numbers are taken. When I started my number was at 93. Four weeks later it was 39, four weeks later it was 14.8 and four weeks later it was less than 3. The markers remained low for the next two tests. Dr Chen said that the normal range for the tumor markers goes up to 35, so I have stage 4 pancreatic cancer that is basically in remission after 4 months. I can’t tell you how lucky I feel to have found Dr. Chen. I would like as many people as possible to have the chance for recovery that I have had.

Inger Bjerge

I was diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer in 2009. After surgery and other treatments failed I was given 2 to 6 months to live and told to, “go home and get my affairs in order”. After several weeks, my wife and youngest daughter asked if I would go to a doctor if they made an appointment for me. To please them, I went. The first time I met with Dr. Chen, I was surprised that he never said anything about me dying. He did tell me my how my cancer had progressed and scheduled me to return for treatment. Thirty six treatments later, my cancer was gone. I return once a month for maintenance treatments and have been in remission for almost 4 years. I can’t recommend Dr. Chen enough. He sure saved my life

Ted Jenkins

I have been a patient of Dr Chen’s for 10 1/2 years. He has treated me successfully through 2 bouts of stage 4 breast cancer. This second time I’ve been in remission for about 3 1/2 years. I’m a statistical wonder. The unique approach of Dr Chen, coupled with the expertise of Dr Gignac, naturopath has given me victory over cancer and a quality life. Even when I was going through chemo, I didn’t feel too bad because of gentle and effective approach Dr Chen uses. It’s like being treated in a boutique with caring and friendly staff.

Susan Durr

I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Prostate cancer and I was told that if I did nothing about it, I had 6 to 12 months to live. Fortunately, I was referred to Dr. Chen before receiving any other treatments. I knew my best chance was to have faith in the Doctor that has spent his life working with the individual patient and not just saying, “you have this type of cancer and this is how we’re going to treat you”. My medication was never exactly the same for any visit and Dr. Chen’s ability to adjust the medication to best suit my body’s condition led to my PSA number dropping from over a thousand (normal is 4) down to 0.1. “I’m really blessed that they sent me to this place. Otherwise, I think I’d be gone

Duane Passmore

I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, stage 4 in September 2017. The first doctor I saw wanted me to do the full Chemotherapy regimen and I said no. I searched online for natural treatments or something like that, that would work and somebody that would take me. Dr Chen made it clear that he would not only take my case, but that, “we can do this”. All the staff are very positive, and the patients become friends which creates a near party atmosphere for those receiving treatments. Within a few weeks my tumor started shrinking. I tell everyone, that if they know anyone with cancer, they have to go to Dr Chen, because he will fix them.

Susan Jankord

I was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in 2002 and told I had 9 months to live and to go home and get my affairs in order. I made an appointment for treatment and was assigned to Dr. Chen. I didn’t know him or anything about him, but I’ve been with him for the past 16 years. I didn’t understand all the terminology he was describing to me, but what I do know is that I was never sick, I never had nausea, vomiting or any discomfort and that was a blessing. Treatments have changed, but I did exactly what he wanted me to do and that’s how I survived all these years.

Ellen Chung

After battling a cold that would not go away and begging doctors, for months, to take x-rays and CT scans, I was told in November of 2016 that I had Stage 4 lung cancer. I was told that I needed to, “relax in my cancer”, and to let the team of care givers help me figure out how to, “comfortably die”. My Mom passed away from the same type of cancer and it is a genetic mutation that started in my lungs and moved to my brain. When I first met Dr. Chen, I asked him, “Will you help me live?” To which he compassionately responded, “Yes, I have hope for you”. That hope encouraged me, knowing that I have a team of people that want to help me live, along with other patients that are rooting for each other too. My current numbers indicate that there is no cancer anywhere in my body. Don’t lose hope for your loved ones that are fighting with cancer. It will carry them through.

Jennifer Sabounchi

Dr. Chen has been my oncologist for 4 years now. I am into my 6th year of Stage 4 hormone positive, her2 negative breast cancer. After being treated by 5 other oncologists in the U.S. Dr. Chen has not only found treatments that the other doctors have not considered but were unable to administer due to guidelines imposed upon them. Since the center is integrative, a variety of treatments are utilized to increase the immune system, protect the body during chemotherapy and increase your quality of life. Dr. Chen has not only extended my life but has saved my life a few times now. He is an amazing doctor with compassion for human life and I am eternally grateful!

Joyce Mccreary

Best open minded doctor I have ever had. Thank God he stayed in the area. He puts his patients health and well being at the front. He takes time to explain things well. I have never felt like just a number in his day. Thank you Dr. Chen

Judy Thocer

Dr. Chen is the most creative out of the box oncologist anyone could hope for. He is diligent and he is on top of my cancer. I have full confidence in him because he is a master at diagnosing and treating any cancer. He has solved difficult cancers that other doctors could not solve, including pancreatic cancer. I have referred others to him with great results. I highly recommend him!

Dr. Roger Libby

Dr. Chen is one of my true life heroes and I am so grateful he is my physician. He thinks out of the box and treats cancer metronomically with chemotherapy and works to build up the immune system. He works with naturopath oncologists and treats the whole person, not just a diagnosis. God bless this true physician healer, for he is a blessing to all of us, his patients.

Sheila Herron

Dr Chen is a very companionate doctor. He knows his field so well. I appreciate his knowledge and skill. He is awesome.

Robert Clairmont

Five years ago, when I was diagnosed with stage 3 invasive carcinoma with lymphatic involvement, my husband and I researched lived in Central California. We researched cancer treatment centers and cancer care practitioners throughout the West Coast. We concluded that Dr. Chen provided the best and most effective treatment available. We flew from Central California to Seattle for 24 weeks to be treated by Dr. Chen. The result was that I was cancer-free for 5 years. Now that I’ve been diagnosed with a different type of aggressive cancer, we have moved to Seattle to be treated by Dr. Chen. He offers hope and effective care for all kinds of patients with all types of cancer.

Patricia Mitchell

My wife and I flew to Seattle from Central California every week for 24 weeks to be treated by Dr. Chen. We did extensive research before concluding that Dr. Chen was providing the most effective cancer treatment in the Western U.S. We actually moved to the Seattle area 1-1/2 years ago to be closer to the level of care provided by Dr. Chen and his staff.

Julian Mitchell

Dr Chen was able to save my life when previous doctors said there was no hope, and that I had only 3 months to live even with interventions. We are thankful for his experience and patient CARE!

Luanne Cook

After being told to continue hormone therapy for four months before starting chemotherapy my wife and I decided to seek a second opinion. We live in a small town in Idaho so coming to Tukwila for treatment is a considerable distance. After finding Dr. Chen on the Internet, we called for an appointment, and we seen promptly for a consult with both he and Dr. Gignac who is a Naturopath. The result was I started chemotherapy the very next week for a 12 week regimin. My progress was carefully monitored, and significant cancer cells were killed. I am doing very well, I owe this to both doctors. I am very satisfied with the professionalism of Dr. Chen and plan on continuing my treatment with him.

Carl Pixley

The best Cancer practice ever. Last week in six sites we had over 30 years longevity when we all have been giving only a short time to live. The Best.

Gig Larson