It is possible not only to survive a diagnosis of advanced cancer, but to thrive. Our practice is at the forefront of understanding and implementing innovative treatments for patients with advanced cancer.


Seattle Integrative Cancer Center is an independent facility supervised by Naixi Chen, MD, PhD our medical director. We are located in the Renton Medical Plaza just west of IKEA at 1412 SW 43rd Street, Suite 200, Renton, WA 98057. We take pride in providing individualized care for our cancer patients while they are receiving a variety of treatment and maintenance therapy options which include metronomic low-dose weekly chemotherapy and immunotherapy that is integrated with naturopathic care and nutritional support. Our clinical and administrative staff are empathetic caregivers who focus on assisting our patients as they navigate their various treatment regimens.

Dr. Naixi Chen is a board certified medical oncologist, internist and PhD immunologist with over 20 years of experience treating cancer patients using both chemotherapy and immunotherapy modalities. He is a pioneer in the clinical application of metronomic chemotherapy and integrative oncology in the management of advanced cancers.


Cancer Care - Holding Hands

Patient Sentiment

I was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer and was told I had a month to live. After seeing Dr. Chen and receiving treatment for about three weeks, I was able to swallow with a drastic reduction in pain. As of today, I have been in complete remission for almost five years.

Randy Neatherlin

Randy Neatherlin5 Star Rating

My previous oncologist told me that I had six months to possibly a year to live…and told my husband to take me home and make me comfortable…and to get my affairs in order. That was 8 years ago…and thanks to Dr. Chen I am still alive and the doctors and at Seattle Integrative Cancer Center are just like family now.

Inok Robertson

Inok Robertson5 Star Rating

After three years of treatment, with heavy chemotherapy, for stage 4 metastatic ovarian cancer, my Oncologist told me there was nothing more that he could offer to me. Thanks to Dr. Chen, 10 years later, my cancer is still under control today.

Bickley Barich

Bickley Barich5 Star Rating

Twelve years ago, I was told I had less than a 14% chance to live more than two years. Today, thanks to Dr. Chen, I am alive and well and I am stepping into sharing my gifts with the world with a new appreciation. I will never take the gift of a new day for granted.

Dr. Samuel Mahaffy

Dr. Samuel Mahaffy5 Star Rating

Dr. Chen saved my life after all the other doctors told me I was dead in 6 months or less from triple negative breast cancer that was pretty advanced. Unlike other clinics I’ve worked with where naturopathic is just a marketing gimmick…Dr. Chen really does work with the naturopathic doctor for a complete and truly holistic approach.

Dina Wislocker

Dina Wislocker5 Star Rating